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Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally! A Program That Allows Kids To Anonymously Report Bullying

160,000 KIDS SKIP SCHOOL EVERY DAY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT FEEL SAFE!                                   
                                              Is one of those kids yours?????

Hillary Clinton once said, “It takes a Village” and I know that if we want to eliminate all aspects of bullying, and keep our kids safe, we need more than just a village, “It’s going to take our entire Country”.

As one, we are invisible, but together, we can Move Mountains. I am asking you to stand up and be heard before it happens to your child!

I was honored to receive a phone call today from Joe Bruzzese – He is the founder and CEO of Somehow, he had heard about me and my book, which features four extraordinary, physically challenged kids who are bullied. He told me he appreciated the things I was doing to help advocate and bring awareness to this horrific problem. He told me what I was doing was fantastic and he thanked me. Although I appreciate it, his thanks were not necessary.

After our phone call ended, I received a tweet from Joe that was sent to almost 2,000 followers. His tweet gave my name and said, “Take a look. This book is going to create change.”  I sure hope so, Joe. If I can empower one child or person through this story then hopefully, I have succeeded in making the world a little better for a child who may be physically challenged.

What I am doing is not special because I feel that every single person in our country should be doing the exact same thing. Joe is doing his part. He is being heard, he is yelling from the highest mountain. I strongly urge you to check out and read his reason for starting this organization.

Sprigeo was created to help kids by giving them a place to turn and report incidents of bullying anonymously without fear of retaliation. This is so, so past important and awesome!!!!

Below is an overview of what Sprigeo does:

THE VISION: restore the safe and secure feeling kids want to have when they go to school each day.

Action that leads toward the vision: giving kids a voice to talk about bullying, and report it in a safe way, without fear of retaliation.

HOW: For the first time, kids can go to a site ( at anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection, to send an anonymous bully report. The report travels instantaneously to the school principal in a secure email.

THE MEAT AND POTATOES: some schools have a bully reporting system that sends an email, but the trail and accountability ends there. Sprigeo adds another layer of accountability by taking the bully report and dropping it into an online database that schools can use to track incidents, note action taken toward resolution, and record follow up incidents.

Kids who bully count on using intimidation and the threat of continued violence to keep their victims from reporting. Sprigeo empowers all kids, the bystanders, and the targets, by giving them the ability to report bullying anonymously.

THE RESULT: kids who bully do not know who has reported them.

Sprigeo has another unforeseen component that adds to just how great this program is. Kids are not only reporting incidents of bullying, they are reporting weapons being on school grounds. This is a HUGE, HUGE step in preventing another Columbine.

This new outlet for kids is now being used in school districts in 8 different states. WE NEED IT IN ALL OF THEM! ALL 50 STATES!

Therefore, I am personally going to CHALLENGE YOU. Stand up and be counted! Help me and Joe Move Mountains! Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles, go to your school district, go to your town meetings, your council members, the board of education, your congressman, or congresswoman, and tell them that this needs to be done. Demand that it be done! DO NOT take NO for an answer!!! If you do, your child may be the one who suffers.

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  1. This is a great post, I think the same thing is needed here in the UK too. Keep up the good work :)